Issa Vibe with YouTuber VibeBrit

Youtuber VibeBrit

Undeterred from the prevailing narratives of her city, VibeBrit’s recreating what being a Chicago means to her. Mix 107.5 sounds combined with a self-confession style of film and you’ll get VibeBrit. Her channel consists of an eclectic mix of videos–including her famous skits on love, money, and all the things in between. Catered to no one but herself, VibeBrit is a truly liberated artist, creating videos she would love to watch herself. She doesn’t shrink herself or pander to white audiences to achieve stardom. With VibeBrit, you get what you get.

“I’m from the southside, the Roseland area. I don’t want to say I’m used to the violence, but it’s not a big deal to me. I know how to handle myself. That’s also why I want to do the videos I do, I want to show people something positive from Chicago. It’s not all negative. Alot of people reach out from other cities and are like

“Oh you’re from Chicago? I wouldn’t have thought that.”

The good vibes and good energy is what I want to push. People copy Chicago artists but don’t want to give them credit.”

Hop onto Vibebrit and you’ll be met with a gamut of videos ranging from skincare to dating advice to skits. In one such skit, VibeBrit takes on materialism and its role in identity formation. A young girl asks her mom for the new I-Phone X, claiming it only costs $1,000 and is quickly put in check by her mom.

“The X stands for expensive I see.”

The timeless lesson of self-worth is imposed upon her and the viewers along the way as VibeBrit plays the mom and daughter roles, switching outfits and cadence as necessary. Back and forth banter between VibeBrit the mom and VibeBrit the daughter ensue as they debate the value of money as well as the real reason the girl wants the new phone; to be popular and appreciated by her classmates. In traditional fashion, VibeBrit creates a comedic aphorism that feels natural and insightful.

Writer, director, and lead actor of every production. VibeBrit puts in real work before any of her creations see the light of day. For anyone even remotely aware of the type of work, it’s exhausting, draining and often soul sucking to pour your creative self into anything of substance. Beyond talent, it requires a will power that is largely absent from most people to be able to produce quality at quantity, but for VibeBrit it’s less of a job and more purposeful work that keeps her spark lit.

“It’s an outlet for me, it makes me happy, so why wouldn’t you do something that makes you happy? I see that it makes other people happy as well and people tell me how they enjoy my videos and makes them feel a type of way. It makes me feel a type of way as well.”

For every happy person on the internet there’s two more trolls lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on your insecurities, hoping that you feel as miserable as they do. The overwhelmingly negative comments and publicity that is built into the YouTube platform requires a thick skinned nature to survive. Many talented stars, (looking at you Kanye) can’t handle the pressure and collapse under the weight, becoming as miserable as the people who tried to tear them down. For being as young as she is, VibeBrit’s developed a resilient attitude toward her haters.

“The people that are negative support you even more than people that are positive. Sometimes they aren’t always being negative, they say something that’s true, constructive criticism. But like hey, you still watched it and you don’t know me in real life.”

Not yet full time, VibeBrit’s planning on using YouTube for a jumping point into film making. Despite the industry’s gross history of discrimination and stereotyping, she’s otherwise hopeful for the future of black fimmakers. As a child she loved and grew up on Tyler Perry movie. Perry’s aptitude for juggling the roles of writer, actor and produced proved admirable to VibeBrite despite his obvious shortcomings as an entertainer.

“When it comes to movies, I look up to Tyler Perry because he does it all. I want to do that. I want to produce, act, write. I enjoy him, I like what he’s accomplished, but sometimes when I watch his stuff I’m like wow, this is catered to a white audience and how they view black people. But again he has accomplished so much and his belief system behind it is why I support him, he puts God first. He’s doing what he has to do to get to where he needs to be.”

With wit and will VibeBrit’s positioned herself to be a big name in the entertainment space. Her work, messaging, and potential combined will propel her to a much larger platform in the near future. It’s not quite obvious what her next step or big break will look like, but the inevitability is undeniable.