Large swaths of Chicago’s creative class have gone unrecognized despite their out-sized influence on the culture we hold profoundly close to our hearts. The limited limelight has given a select few an almost divine status in the public conversation.

The Chicago Creator is a digital publication aimed at refocusing the lens of the public eye. We are a megaphone for those in the back. We cover art, culture, and innovation on both a macro and micro scale. Our purpose is to entertain, educate, and enlighten with Chicago’s Creators at the focal point of the narrative.

The opinions and ideas shared are not aimed at providing you with real-time happenings around Chicago — we are storytellers exercising our creative license to introduce you to the intellectual pillars of our city otherwise uncovered in your local newspaper.

By the end of our journey, if we’ve been able to restructure the narrative to include even one underrepresented individual, then we’ve accomplished everything we aspired to.

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